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Acoustic Open Stage

The Next Open Stage will be Friday, November 15, 2019

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You are invited to the next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage Event Friday, November 15, 2019 starting at 7:30pm.
Bring your guitars, accordions, voices, acoustic instruments of all sorts or just your eyes and ears and make yourself feel at home. Do not feel shy because you have not played for us before.
The doors will open and sign-up for the open stage will start at 7:15 pm. Remember when you sign up you get to play/sing two songs in a set of 10 minutes or less and you need to be ready to start playing when your turn starts so you won’t lose any of your 10 minutes.
The entrance and free parking are at the back of the Mill-Courtland Community Centre and admission is still $3 at the door. the facility is wheelchair accessible, alcohol, smoke and peanut free and every show is different. If you don’t come, you’ll miss it. The next open stage will be December 20th.
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Our last Open Stage on October 18, 2019 was somewhat smaller in size, perhaps because of Oktoberfest but we had a fine evening which ended with a short Jam session on-stage by Paul Rempel, Gord Castle, Richard Reinhardt and Wayne Cheater.  The Open Stage performers on October 18th were:

1. Ron Hammar
2. Randy Ouillette
3. Dan Hergott
4. Gord Castle
5. Jakki Annerino
6. David Maranta
7. Paul Rempel
8. Lawrence Cresswell
9. Wayne Cheater
10. Richard Reinhardt
11. Cam & Pat
12. Jammers- a 4 song jam session to close the evening

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Friday, September 20, 2019 Open Stage

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How it was on Friday September 20, 2017:
We turned the whole room around and found it was definitely an improvement. The new wireless mixer system was given a good tryout and it worked very well thanks to Dan with Gord’s assistance. We had a first time performance and even a brass section, thanks to Richard and Jack. We will be back for the next Open Stage on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 at 7:30 PM with doors open and sign-up for the open stage at 7:15 PM. On September 20th. our Open Stage performers were:
1. Dan Hergott
2. Jack Cooper
3. Allison Brown – NEW
4. David Maranta
5. Gordon Castle
6. Ron Hammar
7. Neil Light
8. Jakki Annerino
9. Scott Abrams
10. Richard Reinhardt & Steven Mock
11. Pop Robinson
12. Cam & Pat
13. Matthias Schonlau
14. Arthur Wayne Cheater

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Friday, June 21, 2019 Open Stage – How it Was

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We had a surprisingly large turnout of both listeners and performers. A big surprise visit was from Julio from Columbia, who is here for the summer and played guitar, ukulele and a beat box. It was a special treat to see and hear his performance. We were a bit anxious since 3 of our mainstays for the production were away for the evening. Thanks to Carol for filling in to run the coffee shop and Gord to set up and run the sound system. The rest of us were busier than usual too. That will be our last Open stage night until we start up again on Friday, September 20th. Our performers on June 21, 2019 were
1. Lawrence Cresswell
2. Bob Cutler & Sue Cutler – The Pluckin’ Cutlers
3. Julio Victor Zapata (Medellin, Columbia) – NEW
4. Barb Scott
5. David Maranta
6. Gord, Lynne & Don
7. Jakki Annerino
8. Matthias Schonlau
9. Richard Reinhardt
10. Carol McMullen
11. Gordon Castle
12. Arthur Wayne Cheater
13. Cam and Pat
14. Ron Hammar

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May 17, 2019, Black Walnut Report

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On Friday May 17, 2019 Our Open Stage “For the Second Homeless” had a smaller turnout of 12 performers but most played 3 songs each. We also tried out a new wireless mixer technology which Thanks to Dan Hergott worked really well and reduced the size and weight of our transportation of equipment. Ian Reid was back following a long absence from the Black Walnut. He asked does anybody know why it is called “Black Walnut?” Does anybody know? On May 17th the Open stage Performers were:
1. Patrick LeBlanc
2. Ian Reid
3. Ron Hammar
4. Jakki Annerino
5. David Maranta
6. Lawrence Cresswell
7. Pop Robinson (Paul) – NEW
8. Wayne Cheater
9. Matthias Schonlau
10. Human
11. Jack Cole
12. Isaac – NEW

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April 19, 2019, The Way It Was

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On Friday April 19, 2019: It was indeed Good Friday with 17 performances, including two first times at the Black Walnut and four who performed in the first year 1994/95. We are asking them to talk about what they did in that first year and maybe repeat one of those songs. Here is a link to our face book group which has photos and more frequent updates : On Friday, April 19th the performers were:
1. Matthias Schonlau
2. Ed Barrington
3. Randy Ouillette
4. Jim Penny
5. Dan Hergott & Ellen
6. Jakki Annerino
7. Gord Castle
8. Jay Moore
9. Mark & Jeff – NEW
10. Wayne Cheater
11. Richard Reinhardt
12. Paul Rempel
13. Human
14. Cam & Pat
15. Ron Hammar
16. Adam Onmandy – NEW
17. Rebecca & Larry

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