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November 17, 2017 Open Stage Roster

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November 17, 2017 Open Stage Roster

We had a fine turnout with enough time for most performers to do 3 songs each. I like to take photos of first time performers. This time it was Rein Rutnik with his harmonicas, who also joined in on a song with Gord Castle. We’ll Be back with some seasonal treats and even prizes on Friday December 15th when Markus Michelucci will perform a feature set to start the program.  The performers on Friday, Nov 17, 2017 were:

1. Neil Light
2. Son & Wilson
3. Scott Abrams
4. Lawrence Cresswell
5. Jakki Annerino
6. Gord Castle
7. Rein Rutnik – NEW
8. Wayne Cheater
9. Ron Hammar
10. Cam, Pat & Carol McMulle

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Lots of Old Friends and a Tribute to Gord Downie on October 20th

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On Friday, October 20th we were missing lots of our core group to set up and produce the show.  Thanks to Scott, Lois, and Jakki who did everything.  We’ll be back with the next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage on Friday, November 17th. On October 20th our Open Stage performers were:

  1. Jack Cole
  2. Mike & Tamara
  3. Don, Bob & Sue
  4. Son & Reid
  5. Gord Castle
  6. Jakki Annerino
  7. Ron Hammar
  8. Doug Peterman

We took a short break and then restarted with the “Spur of the Moment Band” consisting of Wayne Cheater, Scott Abrams Denise & Chris B. who led the gathering in a sing-a-long of “Wheat Kings” in tribute to the memory of Gord Downie. This was followed by the following Open Stage performers:

  1. Cam & Pat
  2. Denise & Chris B.
  3. Chris B.
  4. Wayne Cheater
  5. Adam Lang
  6. Scott Abrams
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We Kicked Off a New Season On September 15th

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On Friday, September 15th we  started our 24th season of Black Walnut Open Stages. With only a few remaining days of Official summer, the temperatures rose and we heard of folks squeezing their last weekend in cottage  country or further north. We’ll be back on Friday, October 20th with the next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage. On September 15th our Open Stage performers were:

  1. Dan Hergott
  2. Wayne Cheater
  3. Jim Penny
  4. Lawrence Cresswell
  5. Son Dane  (NEW)
  6. David Maranta
  7. Neil Light
  8. Rebecca Nickerson & Cathy King
  9. Pat and Cam
  10. Scott Abrams
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